Placebo was here

placebo was here

I saw a concert with Placebo three weeks ago, in Bucharest. Without my camera.

So, this is the poster for the event. Sadly, the poster could only handle a single photo session. By the next morning it had become unglued!

2 thoughts on “Placebo was here”

  1. Hi! You seem to have a interesting life, i think it”s great that you decided to share it with other people…:) I found your website by mistake, but I’m not sorry for visiting it, maybe because I”ve been in some of the places you photographed. Nice pictures by the way…keep up yhe good work!

  2. yeah….a shame though you went without your camera… you really have nice, interesting pictures. i went to this concert as well. i would’ve enjoyed more pictures from it. the official ojnes are few…

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