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04 May 2006

Gigabyte is naked!

gigabyte is naked!

There comes a time in every man’s life when he sees a naked girl. In public!

CERF 2006, Bucharest.

17 Apr 2006



This Sunday, in Cismigiu Garden, Bucharest, a lady was trying to fool the kids into thinking she’s a statue.

Personally, I fell into her trap at first!

06 Apr 2006

Waiting for the right train


He may look aggressive and scary, but I took his photo because, above everything, he seemed lost in the small station of Medias … a lost town itself in a region heading towards Europe ( I mean Ardeal, of course).

This picture is taken on my way back to Bucharest from home (where, as usual, it was so good). My being at home in Cluj-Napoca is the reason for my rare posts these days.

30 Mar 2006

Becali – happy or not?

Gigi Becali

UEFA Cup Quarter-finals, 30 March 2006, Bucharest.

Rapid Bucuresti 1 – 1 Steaua Bucuresti.

After 17 years of absence, two teams reach the Quarter-finals for the first time in the history of Romanian footbal.

The big boss of Steaua: Gigi Becali. To be or not to be – happy ? THIS is the question. The answer unveils on April 6!

28 Mar 2006

She's so sensual…

the dancer

the dancers

A couple of (impressive) dancers, at a hotel in Sinaia, Romania, this week-end.

They are key members of Phoenix Dance Association, from Bucharest.

07 Mar 2006

Pavel Stratan

Pavel Stratan

Last fall, the Moldavian singer Pavel Stratan came to the morning show at the radio station where I work. That was one of the few occasions when I got to photograph an artist other than on the stage. To be honest, I am quite pleased with what I managed to capture!

For those not familiar with Pavel Stratan, it ‘s worth mentioning that he’s the one with the catchy song phrase: I was born on my birthday 🙂 … and one more thing, Pavel is an extremely shy guy!

03 Mar 2006


all alone...

There’s not much to see on my daily way to work … nothing challenging for my camera. Nevertheless, today, near the Cotroceni Palace, a noisy group was protesting against corruption.

The guy in the picture was there,  too, but on different business. His message on the board says:  ‘we want a decent life for our families!”.

28 Feb 2006

Old man waiting

old man

I’ve seen this old man in Cluj Napoca, in a pub (Art Club), near the bus station. He seems a little bit ‘out of place’, i think he just wanted some warm place to sit down.

11 Feb 2006

Soccer fans

soccer fans supporting cfr ecomax (from Cluj - Napoca)

fans of CFR Ecomax Cluj soccer Team

This is not something very common for the quiet city of Transilvania – Cluj Napoca. CFR Ecomax, local soccer team, managed to get into the Intertoto finals, but they were eventually defeated by the French from FC Lens. I’ve been to one of the two games. This shot was taken right from the middle of the noisy / passionate gallery where I landed accidentally. Not an easy experience to forget!