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30 Jun 2006
29 Jun 2006
26 Jun 2006
25 Jun 2006

On a train

on a train

on a train

on a train

Images taken a while ago, on a train. I’ve met these two people in a Cluj-Bucuresti train, and after ve’we discussed about almost everything and everybody chilled, silence was broke only by the train wheels.

23 Jun 2006

Take me back

old houseold house

old house

old house

This post is named after a song of Van Morrison, from “Hymns To The Silence” album. One more thing, the owners of this house told me that it is 300 years old.

21 Jun 2006

Rainy Day Woman

rainy day woman

Rainy day in my hometown, Cluj-Napoca. These days are too hot in Bucharest, and a good rain never hurts…

19 Jun 2006

Old bicycle

old bicycle

I’ve spent a whole afternoon far from city, in a cherry orchard. I know, this has nothing to do with cherrys, but i miss my bike!

18 Jun 2006



Finally, I manged to escape from the city for about six hours this week-end…

17 Jun 2006

The music barrel


Here’s one of Sensor‘s barrels, pretty much used in their shows.

16 Jun 2006

High voltage

high voltage

Another image taken from the same location of this picture, this time a more “clean” one.

Righty now, as I’m looking at this photo, I miss the smell of air before the storm. Do you remember?