Monthly Archives: August 2006

30 Aug 2006

La dolce vita…


Do you think this little creature has any major concerns? Hmmm, think again.

28 Aug 2006

She's Back


Due tu positive reactions to previous photo with this young lady, she’s back!

26 Aug 2006

Shigisoara, take 4

wanna buy some stuff?

Last weekend I’ve had the plesure to rediscover a lovely city – Sighisoara. This gipsy was a nice guy during the `photo session`, but he reminded me at the end than nothing is for free. I was happy to pay him with a beer.

25 Aug 2006

Flowers in the window

flowers at the window

Sighisoara again. At this time I’m not absolutely convinced that this image `works`. Time, (and you of course) will tell.

24 Aug 2006
22 Aug 2006

Where Was I?

where was i

The title of this post could be also a title of a song (by Kenny Wayne Shepherd).

Can anyone tell where was I, considering the distances between my location and some famous places? Good luck!

21 Aug 2006

Calm before the storm

calm before the storm

She’s waiting to go on stage. This week-end, in Sighisoara.

14 Aug 2006
12 Aug 2006

Go fishing

go fishing

I’m wondering -  will I ever stop? This is the fifth (I think) post from Vama Veche. Can I call this `obsession`?

11 Aug 2006