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27 Jan 2007


Travelling without moving…

26 Jan 2007

When Napalm burned the world…

napalm death

Napalm Death performed last night in Bucharest. The show? Brutal. Noisy. Infernal.

24 Jan 2007

Caressed By The Light

caressed by the light

For the third time on Photos With Memories, ladys and gents, say Hello to my friend Oli – a very patient model !

24 Jan 2007

Ride Like The Wind


Finally, today I chosed not to take the bus from work. Was it worth it? Of course, shaorma at Dristor is very tasty…

20 Jan 2007
14 Jan 2007

Time is on my side


Just one thing about this image: finally, i’ve had enough time to listen music this weekend.

So, I suggest Esbjorn Svensson Trio – “Viaticum”, Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon – “Sixty Six Steps” and anything with Sanda Weigl.

12 Jan 2007
11 Jan 2007

Window shopping



I’m not sure, but I think these respectable guys want to buy a motherboard!

10 Jan 2007
08 Jan 2007