Monthly Archives: May 2006

31 May 2006

Kumm in concert


A few days ago i’ve seen in concert one of my favourite romanian rock bands – Kumm. They will release a new record (Different Parties) this week-end, and you have to check out their new website. It’s “cool”.

Sorry for not being so active lately – i’ve been busy with my new home, and I’m not “plugged” yet to the Internet. Let’s hope I will have my home connection next week.

One more thing, TIFF is very close now – it starts this week-end in my hometown – Cluj-Napoca. So, I’ll be there!

26 May 2006

After the rain


Image taken in Politehnica, Bucarest, late in the afternoon. Shot in the same day with this one.

26 May 2006

Lucky me!


Sometimes I try to capture something, and when I look at the result, I have a surprise. A pleasant one.

I think I was lucky with this one.

update: This is Marius Chivu, from DILEMATECA, a brand new (monthly) magazine about books.

24 May 2006

Break dance

break dance

Last weekend i’ve checked out the first romanian Write4Gold event, in Herastrau Park, Bucharest.

Everybody was into “tha hip-hop thing”, except this solitaire break-dancer, the most vivid person in the area, except a few noizy drunkers.

23 May 2006
22 May 2006

Sounds from a wedding

accordion player

A few days ago one of my colleagues from radio was honoured with a wife. And, as you know, such an event is nothing without music, so please allow me to introduce … the accordion player!

21 May 2006

Time out

time out

This week-end, the graphers gathered in Herastrau park, Bucharest. A sunny day can give you energy, or it can take you down!

Fortunately, not everybody at the event was so lazy, as you’ll see in my next images, or in the previous one.

20 May 2006

Write4Gold Romania 2006


Today some of the most talented grapherz competed in the first romanian Write4Gold event. The battlefield was Herastrau parc, Bucharest.

More to come next days. Stay painted! Or … graphed!

19 May 2006

Luna amara in concert part II

luna amara in concert III

Same location, (Underworld Club, Bucharest), same concert (earlier this month), same band from Cluj Napoca: Luna Amara.

One of their songs is called “Rosu aprins” (“Red”). Despite the track is five years old, almost as old as the band, it happens to me constantly to sing it (in my mind, of course!).

“Red”  could be a good title for this image too.

19 May 2006



Usually my friends are not subject for my photoblog, but we like to break the rules sometimes!

So here it is – Edgar. Don’t worry, he’s not so sad all the time!