Month: June 2006

On a train

Images taken a while ago, on a train. I’ve met these two people in a Cluj-Bucuresti train, and after ve’we discussed about almost everything and everybody chilled, silence was broke only by the train wheels.

Take me back

This post is named after a song of Van Morrison, from “Hymns To The Silence” album. One more thing, the owners of this house told me that it is 300 years old.

Old bicycle

I’ve spent a whole afternoon far from city, in a cherry orchard. I know, this has nothing to do with cherrys, but i miss my bike!


Finally, I manged to escape from the city for about six hours this week-end…

High voltage

Another image taken from the same location of this picture, this time a more “clean” one. Righty now, as I’m looking at this photo, I miss the smell of air before the storm. Do you remember?