Month: August 2006

Shigisoara, take 4

Last weekend I’ve had the plesure to rediscover a lovely city – Sighisoara. This gipsy was a nice guy during the `photo session`, but he reminded me at the end than nothing is for free. I was happy to pay him with a beer.

Flowers in the window

Sighisoara again. At this time I’m not absolutely convinced that this image `works`. Time, (and you of course) will tell.

Where Was I?

The title of this post could be also a title of a song (by Kenny Wayne Shepherd). Can anyone tell where was I, considering the distances between my location and some famous places? Good luck!

Go fishing

I’m wondering -  will I ever stop? This is the fifth (I think) post from Vama Veche. Can I call this `obsession`?

A Whispered Morning

Sunrise at Vama Veche (again). Maybe I’ll be there again next weekend, this time with my new `toy`. Thanks, Pepi!