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25 Jan 2010

Out in the cold

Image taken in Bucharest, near Apaca, last December.

12 Jan 2010


Lipscani, more than a week ago.

05 Jan 2010
04 Jan 2010

Snowing in Lipscani

Image taken yesterday in Lipscani, Bucharest.

P.S. Happy New Year!

07 Feb 2009
03 Feb 2009

Cold balance

Image taken in the woods near Cluj Napoca in December 2008.

07 Jan 2009

Trapped rock

Image taken in Cheile Turzii, Cluj.

05 Jan 2009

Up or down?

Finally, i’ve had enough time to go back in the forests of my youth. This time without my mountain bike, ’cause some good guy stole it last autumn. But the wheater was excelent for a walk. It is my first return to the past in the second day of a new year.

Good year to everyone!

31 Dec 2008

Ice on the rocks

Image taken today in Cheile Turzii, Cluj-Napoca.

Happy new year!

18 Dec 2008

A winter ago…

IOR Park, Bucharest, Ianuary 2008.