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17 May 2006

Reflected office building II


Office building in Eroilor Square, Bucharest, as i’ve seen it today yesterday reflected in the Dambovita river. Episode II.

16 May 2006

Reflected office building

reflected building

Office building in Eroilor Square, Bucharest, as i’ve seen it today reflected in the Dambovita river.

Of course, the image is flipped, and there are no photoshop effects, except saturation and contrast.

15 May 2006

Blonde little girl

blonde little girl

In this coloured playground the kids were absolutely fascinated! None of them noticed that I was there with my camera.

Shot a few weeks ago, in Cismigiu Garden, Bucharest.

14 May 2006



Image shoot earlier this week, in Parcul Politehnicii, Bucharest.

12 May 2006

Luna amara in concert

luna amara in concert

luna amara in concert II

A couple of days ago, rock band Luna Amara played at Underworld, Bucharest, to promote their second album – Loc lipsa.

Great show, with the “hardest working band” from Romania. Listen to their songs, and wake up!

11 May 2006

Motherboards meeting


With so many motherboards gathered at CERF, fatherboards were left feeling alone (if there were such things like fatherboards)!

10 May 2006

Arthur Verona Street, Episode III


I’m back with another image (the last one I think) from the “Verona Street Episode”. I must say I’ve spent one special and most effervescent hour there …

This is the house entrance where I shot my previous photo.

08 May 2006

Standing still

standing still

I took part in some sort of urban event here in Bucharest this weekend (May 5-6). Two days,  Verona street was restricted area for cars, but opened for public. There were exhibitions, concerts and, most interesting, people could actually get in and visit the houses on Verona street … which i did, of course accompanied by my camera.

So, there I was, with one of my colleagues, waiting patiently during my attempts to catch a good exposure.

07 May 2006

A house from other times



Yesterday I’ve been invited to someone’s flat (near Cismigiu Garden, Bucharest), filled with old furniture, rare books, and the music from “Le fabuleux destin d’Amelie Poulain”. You must see the movie!

05 May 2006



Verona street, Bucharest, fifth of May.