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12 Mar 2006

In the middle of nowhere, part II

lonely tree

abandoned building

Previous post, updated, by request…

Thank you.

PS – I had  a great time yesterday, at a show organized for children. Images coming soon.

09 Mar 2006

In the middle of nowhere

lost house

lost house 2

Coming back to Bucharest – where I’ve been living for 2 years now, after a few days in my hometown Cluj Napoca …

I took some pictures in that foggy afternoon from the train. It’s pretty obvious that they aren’t the most bright images in the world, but they perfectly match my mood at that point. Hey, I was leaving home … again L.

07 Mar 2006

Pavel Stratan

Pavel Stratan

Last fall, the Moldavian singer Pavel Stratan came to the morning show at the radio station where I work. That was one of the few occasions when I got to photograph an artist other than on the stage. To be honest, I am quite pleased with what I managed to capture!

For those not familiar with Pavel Stratan, it ‘s worth mentioning that he’s the one with the catchy song phrase: I was born on my birthday 🙂 … and one more thing, Pavel is an extremely shy guy!

03 Mar 2006


all alone...

There’s not much to see on my daily way to work … nothing challenging for my camera. Nevertheless, today, near the Cotroceni Palace, a noisy group was protesting against corruption.

The guy in the picture was there,  too, but on different business. His message on the board says:  ‘we want a decent life for our families!”.

01 Mar 2006

First day of spring in Bucharest

March first

March first

March first

MărÅ£iÅŸor is the traditional celebration of the beginning of the spring in Romania and Moldova, on 1 March. Everybody is buying somethig for the loved ones, and, as you can see – the streets are crowded these days!

Photos taken near Piata Romana, Bucharest.