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30 Mar 2006

Becali – happy or not?

Gigi Becali

UEFA Cup Quarter-finals, 30 March 2006, Bucharest.

Rapid Bucuresti 1 – 1 Steaua Bucuresti.

After 17 years of absence, two teams reach the Quarter-finals for the first time in the history of Romanian footbal.

The big boss of Steaua: Gigi Becali. To be or not to be – happy ? THIS is the question. The answer unveils on April 6!

28 Mar 2006

She's so sensual…

the dancer

the dancers

A couple of (impressive) dancers, at a hotel in Sinaia, Romania, this week-end.

They are key members of Phoenix Dance Association, from Bucharest.

27 Mar 2006

Dawn, Sinaia


I think i am turning into a bat- although it was 4 am, i was not at all sleepy and felt like taking pictures.
Sinaia, Romania, from above.

25 Mar 2006



Rainy day, last autumn.

23 Mar 2006

It's all about the books!

books, more books

At Grozavesti Bridge, in Bucharest, Romania.  The message written on this guy’s board says ‘I buy books’.

Yes indeed – it’s good to have lots and lots of books, but then why is he reading the newspaper?

22 Mar 2006

Springy springy weather …


First days of spring in Bucharest … It is for real now: soft warm breeze, sunny day all day with temperatures of 15 – 18 Celsius degrees and going up.

So I went to the park like many others and met this painter who draws portraits of people on the street for a living.

This little girl’s one should come up pretty well because she is absolutely superb!

20 Mar 2006

The little princess

little princess

A few days ago I promised to come back with more photos from a carnival organized for kids in Bucharest. After going through all pictures taken there, I ‘ve decided on this one.

I like the look on that little princess’ face! Everybody was so frantic around her, but she remained so calm & quiet! She was so deep in her thoughts that she didn’t even noticed me, being there and taking pictures of her less than half a meter away.

18 Mar 2006



This photo was taken behind the scene, earlier this week, at a concert with an excelent band- Sensor.

16 Mar 2006


dambovita river

Not exactly midnight, but close … and, as I work in the media, it’s kinda my job to exaggerate things for greater effect!

No effects here, just me returning home after a Sensor anniversary concert. Images coming soon.

15 Mar 2006

A day at the carnival

the dwarf and the kids

On Saturday, Itsy Bitsy FM ( the only radio for kids in Romania), organized a carnival dedicated to its young listeners.  For about 3 hours, the little ones had the chance to show their colourful costumes and chat with the Itsy Bitsy voices. As you can see from the picture above, kids are can be more than determined! However, it’s a delight to work with them!