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28 Dec 2006
27 Dec 2006

One Upon A Time

sergiu nicolaescu

This could be my last post for 2006. Happy New Year to all of you.

This photo was taken during an interview with Sergiu Nicolaescu, earlier this year.

24 Dec 2006
20 Dec 2006

Meeting point II

black sea
This is a slightly different version of this one.

18 Dec 2006

Sensor in Define Romania


sensor define romania

Sensor. Live in Preoteasa. Show: Define Romania.

Updated today, 19 Dec.

15 Dec 2006

The kid

the kid

Image taken in Sighisoara, this summer

14 Dec 2006

Le petit prince


Here is a sentimental one – this is my father, and today is his birthday. He’s about 500 km away, so this is my gift for him.

Happy birthday, printule!

13 Dec 2006

Celelalte cuvinte

calin pop, celelalte cuvinte

He is Calin Pop from Celelalte Cuvinte. The band played two days ago in Bucharest.

These days the group is celebrating 25 years of rock! Happy birthday, Celelalte Cuvinte.

12 Dec 2006


extatic crowds

This is also taken at Sala Polivalenta, where Voltaj played a few weeks ago.

11 Dec 2006