Monthly Archives: July 2006

26 Jul 2006

A. G. Weinberger's shoes

a g weinberger's shoes

Usually, I’m afraid of snakes, but this is not the case…

22 Jul 2006

Painted window

painted window

Image taken yesterday, before a concert with a romanian dedicated true bluesman – A. G. Weinberger, in a big old house located on Silvestru Street, Bucharest.

21 Jul 2006

Vama Veche

vama veche in concert

Not so long ago, I’ve seen a good concert with Vama Veche. He is Tudor Chirila (far right), and the blurred guy is an excellent guitar player – Eugen Caminschi.

19 Jul 2006

IOR Park

ior park, bucharest

It’s a little bit too dark for my taste, and the atmosphere it’s too dramatic here, but it was a pleasant walk for me, so here it is!

17 Jul 2006

One evening at Becker Brau


This weekend I’ve had the chance to go out, but, despite the place we’ve chosen, beer wasn’t my main concern, and I think you understand why!

15 Jul 2006
13 Jul 2006

Do not disturb!

sweet dreams

Doesn’t matter where you are, a good afternoon sleep never hurts! Psssssst!

12 Jul 2006

Smoking man

smoking man

I’ve seen this old man a few times before, and I was impressed everytime. He just sits all day long right here, but yesterday he was ‘busy’ with a cigarette.

11 Jul 2006

Mihnea from Luna Amara

mihnea - luna amara

Mihnea from Luna Amara, in Underground, Bucharest.

10 Jul 2006