Month: April 2006


In the same note with my previous post, here are some more little creatures … not strange at all this time.


Yesterday i decided to go to a concert with Florin Chilian, a guy from the new folk generation. In my opinion the concert was by far the most impressive I’ve been to in the last few years. His songs are so intimate and personal! The strong feeling conveyed by his voice and guitar alone becomes …

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This Sunday, in Cismigiu Garden, Bucharest, a lady was trying to fool the kids into thinking she’s a statue. Personally, I fell into her trap at first!


Mandela. He plays in one of the most spectacular Romanian bands – Sensor. No compromises, always bringing something of great novelty, no musical boundaries and huge energy – that’s how I see them. You’ll have to listen to their record – Lands – to see how far and easy they go … This spring the …

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On the way down from my apartment building’s rooftop I came upon this strange image. It was the same day I took this one. In a way, today is a great day for me. photos with memories is exactly 2 months old! I want to thank you all for visiting, commenting and encouraging me.

Car's detail

I can’t remember exactly what car is this, but that’s not the point. I’m not into cars very much, but this detail surprised me, and here it is – with a blue filter added, for a more technical effect.


Since spring is not yet very present in my hometown (rain, clouds and occasionally wind), the arrival in Bucharest three days ago was, in a way, quite pleasant. These images are not very spectacular, but, i have to confess, the colours were irresistible to my eyes, and since spring means something vivid – here they …

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